President Trump’s Nominee Must

Respect the Constitutional Rights and Freedoms of All of Us

Not Just the Wealthy and Powerful

Basic Standards for a Supreme Court Nominee

Senators — and all Americans — should expect our Supreme Court Justices to meet four basic standards. If President Trump’s nominee fails to meet any of these standards, he or she should not be confirmed.


Are they highly qualified, do they meet the high ethical standards demanded by the position, and do they have the temperament to serve on our nation’s highest Court?


Are their views within the mainstream of constitutional law, American legal traditions, and jurisprudence?


Do they believe that the Constitution protects the rights and freedoms of all Americans, not just the wealthy and the powerful?


Will they approach every case with an open mind and commitment to fairness, and not make decisions based on a political agenda?

The Facts on Judge Neil Gorsuch

Wall Street’s best friend, putting the agenda of huge corporations and special interests ahead of the rest of us.

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