CRP Statement: Senate Democrats Came with Questions, Time for Gorsuch to Give Us Answers

 In Press Releases

Today, Judge Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings began with opening statements from members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Gorsuch, and others. In response, Constitutional Responsibility Project Communications Director Josh Dorner issued the following statement:

“Today’s opening statements made it clear that Senate Democrats plan to aggressively question Neil Gorsuch on his troubling record of siding with the wealthy and the powerful at the expense of everyone else. We heard about Gorsuch’s heartless rulings against workers, his troubling views on big money in politics, disturbing role defending the disastrous and unconstitutional policies of the Bush administration, President Trump’s anti-abortion rights litmus test, and many other important issues that will be explored over the next three days.

“Senate Democrats will bring the questions, and now it’s up to Gorsuch to give them the answers that the American people deserve. Our message to Senators is crystal clear: no answers, no confirmation.”