Constitutional Responsibility Project Releases Digital Ad Campaign Telling GOP Senators: Change the Nominee, Don’t Change the Rules

Today, Tuesday, April 4, 2017, the Constitutional Responsibility Project launched a new digital ad campaign highlighting Neil Gorsuch’s failure to secure the bipartisan support needed to clear the 60-vote bar that all recent Supreme Court nominees and seven of the eight sitting justices have cleared. The new ads target Senate Republicans who are considering upending over two centuries of Senate rules and tradition in order to jam through the nomination of Trump’s judge on a partisan basis. The ads have a simple message for Republican Senators: change the nominee, don’t change the rules.

“Neil Gorsuch tried to hide the ball and avoid revealing a political agenda that threatens the constitutional rights and freedoms of many Americans,” said Josh Dorner, Constitutional Responsibility Project Communications Director.  “More than 40 Senators saw through Gorsuch’s act, and they understand why a nominee with a deeply troubling record should not receive a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court. Since Republicans are already expressing regret over their partisan gamesmanship, it’s not too late for them to work with Democrats to find a nominee who could easily garner the 60 votes necessary to be confirmed.”

The ads will appear on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, and elsewhere in Alaska, Arizona, Nevada, Nebraska, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington, D.C.

Examples from the new ad campaign:


The ad creative also includes video from CRP’s previously announced television ads: “Answers,” on Gorsuch’s failure to answer important questions about his troubling record, and “Deserve Better,” on his heartless approach to education for children with disabilities.