The Facts on Judge Neil Gorsuch

Neil Gorsuch has consistently favored the wealthy and powerful at the expense of everyone else. He ruled that corporations are people and would be Wall Street’s best friend, putting the agenda of huge corporations and special interests ahead of workers and ordinary Americans.

Neil Gorsuch’s Record:

  • Wall Street’s Best Friend: Gorsuch argued that it should be harder for regular people to band together in order to hold Wall Street and huge corporations accountable for fraud and other wrongdoing. Read more.
  • Not the Independent Voice We Need: President Trump has shocked the nation, claimed unchecked authority, and has attacked the independence of our judiciary. We need independent judges who will be a check on President Trump when he violates the law or the Constitution. Gorsuch’s troubling history of deference to executive power shows that he will not be that independent voice.
  • Hand-Picked by Right-Wing Organizations with a Political Agenda: President Trump allowed right-wing organizations with a political agenda out of step with the values of most Americans to handpick Gorsuch, calling into question his independence and commitment to fairness and an open mind. Read more
  • Ducks Fair Questions: Gorsuch is refusing to answer fair and direct questions from Senators about his legal philosophy, deliberately keeping us in the dark about his judicial approach and what kind of justice he would be.  
  • Would Endanger Vital Protections That We All Depend on Each Day: Gorsuch has pushed out-of-the-mainstream legal theories that could endanger important protections for clean air, clean water, workers, and safe food and medicine that we all depend on each day. His ideology makes him more extreme even than the late Justice Scalia. Read more. 
  • Would Roll Back Roe v. Wade: President Trump promised that he would only appoint justices who would “automatically” overturn Roe v. Wade, and nothing in Gorsuch’s record shows that he wouldn’t do exactly that. Read more. 
  • Would Send Us Back to a Bygone Era on Women’s Health and LGBTQ Rights: Gorsuch ruled in favor of the idea that corporations are people and against women’s access to contraception. He also sided with politicians trying to deny women and men and men access to basic health care like cancer screenings and STD tests at Planned Parenthood health centers. Gorsuch has also been highly critical of LGBTQ advocates and others who turn to the courts to protect their constitutional rights. Read more. 

Not the Independent Justice We Need Today

The shocking events of the past few weeks have underscored why we need a justice who will serve as a check on the politicians in the other branches of government, including President Trump, when they break the law or violate the Constitution. The next justice must be an open-minded, fair, and independent individual who will stand up for our constitutional values and protections for everyone

We do not believe Neil Gorsuch has the independence to fulfill this responsibility.

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