Judge Gorsuch: Hand-Picked by Right-Wing Organizations with a Political Agenda

President Trump allowed right-wing organizations with a political agenda out of step with the values of most Americans to hand pick Gorsuch, calling into question his independence and commitment to an open mind and fairness.

Donald Trump’s Supreme Court nominee, Neil Gorsuch, was selected from a list of candidates supplied by the Federalist Society and the Heritage Foundation, right-wing groups bankrolled by the oil billionaire Koch Brothers.

The Federalist Society:

“…the ultra-right-wing Federalist Society, a group of lawyers so extreme they advocate rolling back the law to the 18th century.”
  • The Federalist Society is a conservative interest group that favors overturning constitutional rights, such as Miranda warnings and legal abortion. Nine of the 21 candidates included on President Trump’s list of potential Supreme Court nominees spoke at the recent 2016 Federalist Society annual convention. Neil Gorsuch is also a member.
  • Donald Trump told Breitbart News in June that he would “…have great judges, conservative, all picked by the Federalist Society.”
  • In a recent Denver Post story, David Lat, Managing Editor of the legal website Above the Law, notes that Gorsuch’s involvement with the Federalist Society “…cements his ideological credentials and suggests he could be a reliable conservative vote on the panel.”
  • On February 1, at a meeting with groups supporting Gorsuch’s nomination, Trump said that he appreciated “all of the help in deciding who to pick for the United States Supreme Court.”


The Heritage Foundation:

“Heritage has always sought to push the Republican Party to the maximal right-wing position…”
  • The Heritage Foundation is a right-wing group opposed to legal abortion, LGBT rights, and environmental and consumer protections. Trump’s initial list of potential Supreme Court nominees was posted on the Heritage Foundation’s website.
  • When Donald Trump issued his list of potential Supreme Court nominees, he specifically “thanked the Heritage Foundation and the Federalist Society for their input.”
  • Heritage Foundation legal scholar John Malcolm says “the night before Trump put out his first prospective Supreme Court list in May,” he received a call from then candidate-Trump “thanking him for his work and giving him a preview of what was to be released.”
  • John Malcolm also describes how then-candidate Trump left a meeting with the Heritage Foundation last March, went on the Neil Cavuto show, and discussed the Supreme Court nomination saying, ‘The Heritage Foundation is going to be helping me put together this list.’”